Kofuku-ji Five-story Pagoda

Kofuku-ji Five-story Pagoda
Item# KIMOKEI006

Product Description

Kofukuji Temple, Goju-no To, 1/75 model, size: h. 70.5cm (27.7"), 180 hours to finish.

Kofukuji is a Buddhist temple in the city of Nara, in Nara prefecture, Japan. This temple is the head temple of the Hosso sect, and the ujidera or the ‘clan’s temple’ of the Fujiwara clan. This temple was established by Kagaminookimi, the first wife of Emperor Tenji, praying for her husbands’s recovery from illness in Yamashina, Yamashiro Province (present-day Kyoto) in 669. In 672, the temple was moved to Fujiwara-kyo, the first artificially planned capital in Japan. In 710, the temple was moved again to newly constructed capital, Heijo-kyo, today’s Nara.

In Nara, Kofukuji is one of the ‘Nanto Shichi Daiji’, literally, seven major temples in the "South Capital," after the capital was moved to Heian-kyo, today’s Kyoto. However, in the situation where many other major temples declined after the move of capital, Kofukuji did not lose the shines with another major temple, Todaiji. It is because the temple was a ‘clan’s temple’ of the Fujiwara clan, which commanded both power and fortune in many centuries. Kofukuji, along with several Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, the remains of the Heijo Palace, and other sites in Nara, received the distinction of being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.