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Kofuku-ji and Asura

The temple is the national headquarters of the Hosso school and is one of the eight Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The following are some of the temple's buildings and treasures of note.


Tokondo (East Golden Hall) (東金堂), 1425, one of the former three golden halls (National Treasure)/Five-storied pagoda (五重塔 gojyu-no to), 1426 (National Treasure)/Three-storied pagoda (三重塔 sanjyu-no to), 1185-1274 (National Treasure)/Hoku'endo (North octagonal hall) (北円堂), 1210 (National Treasure)/Nan'endo (South octagonal hall) (南円堂, 1741, Site No.9 of Saigoku 33 Pilgrimage (Important Cultural Property)/Ōyūya (Bath house) (大湯屋) 1394-1427 (Important Cultural Property)


(Statue) The Devas of the Eight Classes, including dry-lacquer Ashura (National Treasure)/(Statue) The Ten Great Disciples (National Treasure) (Statue) Thousand-armed Kannon (National Treasure)/(Statue) Fukukansaku Kannon, attributed to Kokei, is housed in Nan'endo (National Treasure)