Koishimaru and ...

Koishimaru and  ...

He has studio in Aya-cho.

Empress Michiko helps with joozoku, mounting silkworms on trays. The silkworms, Koishimaru have become about 6 cm long.

Joozoku: Putting silkworms on shelves to produce cocoons for the first time

Koishimaru is a original silkworm of Japan. It made very high quality silk (thin, strong, shinny, light and soft). But it less made silk also.

天然灰汁醗酵建藍染 - Tennen Aku Hakkodate Ai-zome Tennen aku hakkodate ai-zome by Nakanishi Keishu: There are a few to make these ai and a few people to perform dyeing, ancient method to make ai without any chemicals and dye about 30 times. Good for atopic dermatitis patients and their skins.

Yamato Kaimurasaki: Royal purple. Dying by shellfish of Japan