Kusaki-zome Byobu

Kusaki-zome Byobu
Item# MOB007

Product Description

Kusaki-zome (dyed from flowers and grasses)

Kusaki-zome threads are used to make Byobu. The threads are wrapped into the wooden frame, then placed into the Byobu.

Kusaki-zome: The people of Japan have long revered the four seasons out of a deep affection for nature. It has long been a custom to celebrate the plants and flowers that are unique to each season. Kusaki-zome, which literally translates as plant dyeing, draws its colors from the plants, flowers, and fruits that represent the very essence of Japan. Japanese dyeing techniques have a long history. Natural dyes were used exclusively in the extravagant twelve-layered ceremonial robes, worn by court ladies in the Heian- and Asuka-eras. The traditional Yuzen-zome technique dates back to the Edo-era, and also makes exclusive use of natural dyes. These natural dye techniques have been carefully passed on from generation to generation, creating a rich history of dyeing techniques. Kusaki-zome specifically refers to a natural dyeing technique, using dyes from plants and other natural sources. Synthetic dyes are not used.