Sanukiin Kenzoku

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This Fukkoku is published from another publisher (Tatsuhara Inuki, 1987, size: w. 39.5 cm x h. 25.8 cm, $2,900)

Kuniyoshi (1797-1861)

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Fukkoku, Sanukiin Kenzoku, the warlord Tametomo, his wife, his child, his lieutenants, and his soldiers were on their way to Kyoto on boats to fight against the Heike clan. On the way, they were caught in a big typhoon. In order to calm down the god of sea, Tametomo's wife dove into the sea. However, their boats were wrecked and were drifting out to sea. The warlord Tametomo lost almost all his men and his only child. He was so sad that he tried to kill himself, but Tengu suddenly appeared and rescued him. Then, one of his lieutenants found Tametomo's child, still drifting in the sea. Then a huge shark came and attacked them, but the spirits of Tametomo's dead lieutenants possessed the shark and saved their lives.