Miura Folding

The Miura-ori was invented by Prof. Miura Koryo at Tokyo University's Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science. The primary intent of this fold was for solar panel arrays on satellites: since space comes at a high premium when transporting satellites into orbit by rocket, the solar panels must fold very compactly. But this must not compromise structural soundness or ease of deployment once in orbit. The fold became more widely adopted by manufacturers of fold-out maps, which are notorious for binding and tearing if unfolded or refolded improperly. Since there is only one natural way the paper "wants" to fold and unfold in this arrangement, and since the horizontal folds are linked interdependently with the vertical folds, it can be easily collapsed and expanded in a single motion. This is therefore most commonly known as the Miura map fold.

All sizes below are available in mainly printed material with Miura-ori.

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