Miyako Jofu

Miyako Jofu
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Miyako Jofu
Miyako Jofu is a very elaborate, smooth and strong hemp fabric featuring a splashed design, and is one of Okinawa's traditional crafts.

400 years ago, the king of Ryukyu honored a man from the island of Miyakojima Island who had averted a disaster at sea. The king rewarded him with the rank of monk at his court. The man's wife was so pleased that she wove a heartfelt cloth to present to the king as a token of her thanks.

This story is said to be the beginning of the production of Miyako Jofu fabric. Miyako Jofu is a fabric that uses a form of flax known as 'choma' in its weave. It is produced in Hirara, Shimoji-cho and elsewhere, and was designated a traditional craft by the government in 1975.

Shindama Wallet
Vintage Yaeyama Jofu wallet, Shindama (money, coin) design, size: w. 11 cm (4.3") x h. 7.5 cm (2.9"), out of stock
Bag (Miyako Jofu)