Minamoto Yoshitsune

Minamoto Yoshitsune
Each sword has been called by the sword maker’s name for centuries, sometimes by the name of the owner; and sometimes each sword has its own name.

Minamoto Yoshitsune (1159-1189): A Japanese heroic figure, brother of Minamoto Yoritomo, who established Japan's first Samurai government. He is probably the most popular person in all of Japanese history. He named his one of sword "Usumidori."

• Name changed: Hizamaru-Kumokiri-Hoemaru-Usumidori

• Owner changed: Minamoto Mitsunaka-Yorimitsu-Yoriyoshi-Yoshiie-Tameyoshi-Kyoshin-Tanabe Tanzo-Minamoto Yoshitsune-Soga brothers

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