Mori-Koro Park

Mori-Koro Park
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Product Description

The Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park, commonly called the Mori-Koro Park, which opened in July 2006 is made on the site of the Aichi Expo held in 2005.

In the park, you will find Satsuki and Mei's House from Anime "My Neighbor Totoro", a popular attraction during the expo, as well as the Aichi Expo Museum where 300 donated exhibits from respective pavilions of the world are stored and an 88-meter tall giant Ferris wheel.

Additionally, there also are Oshibafu Hiroba, Rinsho Kaen (flower garden), and Shinrin Rakuen (park) as well as Mori-no Gakusha where nature-related type of programs are offered, allowing you to get closer to nature.