Narita Toru

Narita Toru
Narita Toru (1929-2002), born in Aomori Prefecture, designer and sculptor

Simplicity of shape

I am recently reading some books and interviews featuring an Artist/Sculptor/Designer, Narita Toru.

He is probably best known as the character designer for original 60' TV series "Ultraman" and "Ultraseven". Although there seems to be some controversy regarding the given credit for who really created the final design of that massive, legendary hero of all-time in Japan, it is apparent that Narita was one of the masterminds and was responsible for not only the individual monster concept design but also general art direction of the entire show.

Because wings of his imagination spread way out beyond my reach, I cannot understand all of hidden meaning of shape among his creation yet (I am sure each shape has meaning to be there in his creation, though), but it is fascinating to see and analyze this amazing heritage from the great artist. He prohibited himself to just pick and enlarge existing animals to create monsters, was always extremely strict to find a unique design which often formed in a quite simple shape.