Negoro/Akebono Framing

Negoro/Akebono Framing
Negoro-nuri was started in the Kamakura-era (1185-1333) by monks of the Negoroji temple in Kishu (now Wakayama Prefecture) who attached importance for the use of these products such as dinner ware or containers. They painted these products with red urushi several times over the black urushi. If red urushi is used as a base, then it is called Akebono-nuri. It became famous because when the red urushi wore off from general wear and tear, the black urushi began to emerge from underneath. This look of natural wear was considered to be very refined.

Akebobo-nuri, which is the look of black urushi surface and underneath red urushi reappears after it is worn out.

You have never seen this kind of frame before. You can choose one from our frame collection. We will send you the frame collection. Give us the frame size and your choice of frame. Please allow 4-8 weeks complete.

You can choose red color from 1. Araishu, 2. Honshu, 3. Urumi for Negoro or A. Honkuro, B. Kuroroiro, C. Kurojokeshi for Akebono; price are per square inch (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm). Wood frames only. Total moulding length x width x depth; we will use cashew urushi.

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