Nihonto (Japanese Sword)

<b>Nihonto (Japanese Sword)
Do you want to own your uniquely designed Nihonto (Japanese Sword)? We have 3 different price ranges of made to order Nihonto. These are for display purposes only. Also, they can be used for Iai (practice). Therefore, weight and length of blades, as well as even the weight of the Tsuba (sword guard), are cricial. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Note: Some countries banned import real Nitonto; even copy blunt-grade Nitonto have to have certification (this are not real blades).

Length of blades: All sword sizes depend on your height. 26. 2 for (150 cm , 4' 11") to 29.2 (175 cm , 9'9"). Above these sizes, an extera charge will be necessary. Ladies' sizes will be 1 size smaller than men's sizes.

"Tsuka" (handle), "Saya" (scabbard), "Hamon" (pattern of blades), "Tsuba" (sword guard) amd "Meniki" (fittings): You can choose all these from our samples.

As an extra feature, you can have your palm print placed on the handle of all our Nihonto, if you wish. Just paint some washable watercolor paint on both palms, press them onto paper, let the palm prints dry, then send them to us.

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