Noto-Hanto Peninsula (20)

Noto-Hanto Peninsula (20)
Noto Peninsula (Noto-hanto) is a peninsula that projects north into the Sea of Japan from the coast of Ishikawa prefecture in central Honshu, the main island of Japan. The main industries of the peninsula are agriculture, fisheries, and tourism.


Noto has no meaning in Japanese. It appears to come from Ainu, where not means "peninsula"; the final -o is presumably a paragogic echo vowel, since the Japanese language does not allow final consonants. The two kanji that form the word Noto denote "skill / climbing", but may be a case of ateji; that is, a kanji spelling constructed to spell a previously existing word, with little or no regard to the meaning of the kanji.

Famous spots

Wakura Onsen located in Nanao City, this onsen (or "hot springs") is a famous health resort. The JR Nanao Line also terminates here. Keta Great ShrineLocated in Hakui City and well known as a shrine for finding a lover and for a good marriage. Wajima Morning Market. This market is held in the center of Wajima City. Shoppers can buy a variety of fresh fish and vegetables cheaply. Soji Temple located in Monzen Town, is a head temple of Soto Zen Buddhism. Here there are also older cathedrals, as well as a newer one located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mitsuke Jima meaning "found island" it is located in Suzu City. The name comes from the legend in which Saint Kukai found his magic stick here. Unoke located in Kahoku City, the first office computer in Japan was manufactured by Unoke Electronics (now PFU), which was established in this town.AnamizuKnown as one of the places where Percival Lowell made a stay during his visit to Japan, a memorial hall dedicated to him stands on a small hill near Anamizu Bay.