Oarai Coast

Oarai Coast
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Oarai Town is situated in the east of Ibaraki. The seashores facing the Pacific Ocean, Lake Hinuma located on the west side of the town, and areas along the Hinuma River form popular resort areas, belonging to Oarai Prefectural Seaside Park. The white-crested waves breaking against the conglomerate rocks on Oarai Promontory are very dynamic, from which the sandy beach stretches southward. This beach is known as one of the pleasantest sea bathing resorts in Kanto Region.

Oarai Sun Beach is the shallow beach as one of the pleasantest sea bathing resorts, so the beach is crowded with lots of swimmers in the mid summer. The surfing race and beach volleyball games are often held. The high-speed pleasure boat is available from Oarai Harbor, and you can enjoy a wonderful cruise.

In Aqua World Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium, they keep 68,000 aquatic animals consisting of about 580 different species, and you can enjoy watching shows by sea lions and dolphins, and also watching a "feeding" show. In the Oarai Marine Tower, as tall as 60 meters, you can enjoy your meals while enjoying a splendid view at the restaurant 50 meters above the ground.

On a hill commanding a fine view of Oarai Promontory, surrounded by Japanese black pines and chinquapin trees, there stands Oarai Isosazaki Shrine. This shrine is known as a guardian deity of safe voyages. In the precincts of the shrine, Oarai Sea Museum stands, which was built in commemoration of the 1100th anniversary of the shrine founding.