Kanto (Tokyo) style: rice vinegar x 3 Tbsps, sugar x 1 Tbsps, salt x 1 tsp per 2 cups rice

Kansai (Kyoto) style: rice vinegar x 3 Tbsps, suagr x 2 Tbsps, salt x 1.5 tsps

In this case sugar should be same as vinegar

Gobo: Burdock

Kanpyo: Kanpyo are dried gourd shavings. The gourds are mostly grown in Tochigi Prefecture and are harvested during the months of July and August. The dried shavings are hydrated by placing in lukewarm water, are then drained, and cooked in a broth (dashi) of soy sauce, sugar and sake. The cooked gourd shavings are then used as a center for the rolled sushi. Kanpyo is an excellent source of fiber.

Hanpen: Hanpen is a usually white, square, triangle or round shaped surimi product with a soft, mild taste. It is believed to have been invented during the Edo-era in Japan by a cook, Hanpei of Suruga, and the dish is named after him. Another theory suggests that because it is triangle shaped and appears to have been cut in half from a square, it is a half piece. It can be eaten as an ingredient in oden or soup. It can also be fried or broiled.