Ryukyu Kasuri

Ryukyu Kasuri
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Ryukyu Kasuri
Ryukyu Kasuri is an ikat cloth woven in the town of Haebaru in Okinawa. It is also the collective term for any ikat made in Okinawa. Ryukyu Kasuri is said to date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. It developed from South-East Asian ikat but its designs feature unique motifs based on Okinawan nature and fauna. Silk is the main thread used for Ryukyu Kasuri, and is dyed with both natural and chemical dyes.

It is mainly produced as a roll of cloth. Hanging wall cloths for the summer season are also made. To make ikat, warp and weft threads are dyed and woven by hand in ordered patterns. Before weaving, the threads are mounted on a frame, tied in selected areas, then dyed. The threads are then dried and loosened, and carefully woven on a wooden loom to form the pattern. The simple prints and the geometrical patterns of Ryukyu Kasuri create an exotic atmosphere.

Ryukyu Kasuri for Kimono
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Ryukyu kasuri, kabe jofu (summer kimono), koto-no uma