Ishibumi - Records of Wiped Out

Ishibumi - Records of Wiped Out

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Ishibumi - Records of Wiped Out
Documentary, Ishibumi - The record of wiped out, TV 1969, book first edition 1970

How kids died. The record of the Hiroshima Nichu (now Hiroshima Kannon High School) first grade 322 boys and 4 teachers were wiped out.

They had been mobilized to cultivated the field and working river side near ground zero on 8:15 am, 8/6/45. The 90% of them were died instantly. This record was stories which some kids told their families and families told what happened to their kids?

Teacher ordered kids "B-29 flying around, take look it which direction go", all kids watching sky, then saw its flash, blind. Some kids escaped to river, this time river has strong pull power to the ocean, after that nobody knows. Many bodies never found. Some kids swam the river, returned home, then died there. Worried mother and father came to the river side, they saw many bodies. Some kids returned home with blind eyes. Some kids returned looked fine, eat canned peach and watermelon, then talking, talking. Next day he died.

Simple, just tell what happened one kid, then another kid, one by one. Just a records of how kids were wiped out until 6 days later.