Product Description

Satsuma style sword, called Satsuma-goshirae, not Satsuma-koshirae.

• Almost the word “koshiraei” becomes “goshirae” in word combinations in which “koshirae” is the second word. But not always.

Satsuma-goshirae is an arrangement that Jigen-ryu style, known to be an art of official fencing style of Satsuma feudal clan. The characteristic of this Jigen-ryu style is that there were not much skill and forcues consentration to defeat the opponent at one blow and the Satuma-goshirae resembles this intense style. Often this Satsuma-goshirae style swords were stored in each castle in Satsuma during the war period as the practical weapon for the immediate use.

• Handle (e) should be long and thick.

• On handle, cow leather wrapped, then urushi, and then wrapped again with thread or leather string, no Meniki attached

Sometimes defeat opponent without blade, with only handle