Doro-zome Scarf

Doro-zome Scarf
Item# OOSHIMA007

Product Description

Oshima Tsumugi: Amami-Oshima Island, which is located in the sea south of Kyushu. Oshima Tsumugi (mud-dyed pongee kimono) were produced this island.

"Doro-zome" is one of the traditional dying methods with muddy clays in Amami-Ohshima Island, Kagoshima, Japan. The brilliant black color of dyed "Ohshima Tsumugi" derives from muddy clays in Dorota (small ponds with muddy clays).

Doro-zome Scarf, size: w. 80 cm (31.4") x l. 177 cm (69.6"), silk 100%, $199