Sekka - Kingyodama (Goldfish Bowl)

Sekka - Kingyodama (Goldfish Bowl)
Item# MEI0025

Product Description

Kingyodama Reproduction

This is not woodblock print.

Reproduction of Treasures by the City of Kyoto: The subtle aspects of Japanese paintings, which often include fine line work on delicate materials, could be lost or muted during reproduction. Therefore, the new process involves creating high-resolution images of the originals with a scanner or camera that can capture images with more than 100 megapixels, contrasted with the usual 5 or 6 megapixels of most consumer-oriented digital cameras. Using a combination of software and the human eye, the colors in the digital image are matched to the original work. The image is then printed out on a large-format ink-jet printer with fade-resistant inks. The printer is capable of reproducing the image on washi paper, a traditional Japanese paper made from the inner bark of trees. To finish the reproduction with a human touch, an artist applies gold leaf to certain areas of the work. Then we can apply this to make byobu, makimono, Kakejiku, Fusuma, or framing. Also, You may have new ideas such as apply to decorate cabinet, wall, or partition.

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