Product Description

Sendai-Hira is a thick and dense hand-woven silk fabric. It is known throughout Japan as a luxury silk textile for its fine texture and durability. Sendai-Hira is also known as Seiko-Hira due to the use of thick and dense hand woven silk. This fine-textured fabric like Shiose fabric or Kohaku fabric is crease-resistant and durable which makes Sendai-Hira famous nation-wide for its high quality and use in Hakama (a Japanese skirt for formal wear). For weaving, only thick refined thread is used and only for the striped parts of warp as well as other warps and woofs, raw silk thread is used. They are dyed, moistened and then woven. Recent new items include various kinds of neckties, wallets, purses, and cigarette cases which make us feel closer to the good quality of Sendai-Hira.

Sendai-Hira Items
All are silk 100%