Shogawa Hikimono Kiji

<font color="006400">Shogawa Hikimono Kiji
Shogawa Hikimono Kiji: Wooden products made with carving wheels are sold for the urushi lacquerware business. Some of the products are sold without urushi.

Hikimono (Turning): Turning involves the use of blades to form shapes from blocks of wood revolving on a lathe. It is ideal for the production of regular, circular shapes such as trays and bowls. In the case of one-off rather than mass-produced works, individuality is expressed through careful attention to the choice of material and sensitivity to shape and quality of grain. Although there are limitations to the range of shapes that can be made by turning, so-called sujibiki, whereby chisels and small blades are used to impart different configurations of concentric rings and other types of patterning to the wood surface, is a decorative process unique to turning.