Item# WAJIMAL005

Product Description

Size: w. 19 cm (7.4") x d. 18.2 cm (7.1"), 900g (2 pounds), One way bass reflex system, Nominal impedance, Power handling: 25W, Sensitivity: 85dB 1W/at 1m, Drive unit: AUDAX HP080G0 (8cm, 3.1")

The beauty of Japanese Wajima-nuri lacquer stimulates you to touch it. “Something to touch” is the completely new speaker system with its concept “touching”. Design team “mile” developed it jointly with Shioyasu Urushi Ware Company as a new trial of Wajima-technique. The unique shape (a drop) of the speaker was designed to maximize the effect of the feature of Japanese lacquer, such as smooth, comfortable touch without knots on the surface, and having sculpture-beauty. A speaker cable is not connected to the main part of the speaker and the speaker is movable (and you can feel the comfortableness of the speaker when you move it). Moreover, when not using the speaker, it is displayed in your room as an interior design. And when you need music, it will start to sound once you raise it gently. “The distance of people and objects is shortened and the scene of a new life is born.”

It is said that the sound quality of a speaker is proportional to the size of a speaker. Especially, a large speaker makes rich low-pitched sound. "Something to Touch" of the size which it can have in a hand has adopted the bass reflex structure in order to make low-pitched sound. A drop form of "Something to Touch" was borne by the device for constituting a long duct in the limited size. Rich low-pitched sound which no one can expect from such small speaker came to be possible thanks to this structure.

Ideal speaker is that inside is soft, and outside is hard. Japanese lacquer demonstrates not only the use as a beautiful paint but reinforcement material and it is also excellent as adhesives. Especially, the Wajima urushi lacquer is sturdier than other lacquer ware as Wajima-technique puts many layers for painting. Wajima-technique is also good for speaker as it uses the ginkgo tree as a base wood, which enables the inside of the body soft. According to “before and after (painting) test”, the sound after painting was obviously better than before in terms of low-pitched sound.

"Something to Touch" consists of two parts, a main part of the speaker, and a station. When a main part is placed on a station, sound will begin to sound.

"Something to Touch" can be connected to amplifier, a stereo set etc., which has a speaker connection terminal.

The main part of the speaker can be turned down on the station, when not listening to music.