Sushi (50)

Sushi (50)

Enjoy the Temaki-zushi (Hand-roll sushi) in your home!

• Almost the word “sushi” becomes “zushi” in word combinations in which “sushi” is the second word.

• Sushi means Su (vinegar) + Meshi (rice).


How to make gari: 1. Buy fresh ginger, 1-2 lbs.; clean ginger with wet cloth; do not rinse. 2. Slice ginger with skin as thinly as possible with slicer. 3. Boil sliced ginger in water, 5-12 minutes (your choice). 4. Use strainer to drain water, then sprinkle with salt. 5. Make vinegar, A. 6-2/3 Tbsps rice vinegar; B. 6-2/3 Tbsps water; C. 3-5 Tbsps sugar (your choice); D. 1 tsp salt, combined, boil a little. 5. Pour the vinegar over the cool ginger, and cover with plastic wrap. 6. Place in refrigerator overnight.


Wasabi: Real Wasabi are not powder, and very difficult to grow. Powdered Wasabi is a different kind of vegetable, which is easy to grow • Substitute: Wasabi powder


Short grain sticky rice such as Tamaki, Nishiki etc. • Substitute: from Japan

Rice cooker: Zojirushi • Substitute: any heavy-bottomed pan

Vinegar: Vinegar has to be rice vinegar • Substitute: none

Sushi rice, serves 6: Rinse rice until water is no longer milky; pour the rice into a strainer and let stand 60 minutes. Add the rice and water (about 1/3” higher than rice, approx 3 cups for 6 people) into the heavy-bottomed pan, cover, and bring slowly to a boil over medium heat. When the water boils, increase heat to high and boil 3 minutes, then reduce heat to medium and boil 5 minutes. Do not let the pot boil over. Reduce the heat to low and boil a final 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Let stand for 10-15 minutes.

After rice is done, combine rice and sushi seasoning: 1. Rice vinegar 8 Tbsps; 2. Sugar 6-8 Tbsps (your choice); 3. Salt, 3 tsps; then combine and boil for a very short time. Use wooden container (salad bowl), mix rice by cutting across it in a slashing motion, and then let it cool to around 220 degrees temperature


Nori: Nori (seaweed) • Substitute: Green leaf (if you don’t like Nori)

Sushi-neta (Ingredient)

• Spicy Tuna: Tuna is a relatively safe fish because they live in the deep sea and move around very quickly. Some researchers have said that deep-sea tuna is safer than unwashed strawberries. Buy fresh tuna. Cut tuna into small pieces. Any spicy sauce + Mayo (if you like), combined. • Smoked salmon: Buy smoked salmon, cut into pieces. • California: Fake crab, avocado and cucumber (if you like a crispy taste). Cut cucumber into long pieces, add light salt, then leave for 5-7 minutes; then wash. • Squid: Buy large squid; boil in slightly salted water, 2-5 min. • Shrimp: Buy shrimp, peel off the skin, and boil in slightly salted water.

• Substitute: any, Idea-1, canned tuna + Mayo, Idea-2, canned crab + Mayo, Idea-3, bold eggs + Mayo, Idea-4, any cheese, Idea-5, Anchovies, Idea-6, leftover roast beef, slice, marinated soy


Miso soup: Make dashi, and shave the dried bonito by bonito shaver • Substitute: dashi granute (powder). Boil the water, put dashi into the water. Add cabbage, snow peas, potatoes, onions etc into the water. After a while, put the miso in it and let it melt in the hot water. Buy miso at local Japanese grocery store. • Substitute: none. • You cannot re-cook miso soup. Miso Bowl: • Substitute: coffee mug


Soy: Kikkoman at any super market near you.

How to make Temaki-zushi

1. Place a half cut sheet of Nori (seaweed) in your palm with shiny-side down. Spread sushi rice over left-hand side of the Nori. 2. Top rice with your favorite ingredients. 3. Starting at rice-covered edge, roll it up to form a cone.