Tomioka Silk Mill

Tomioka Silk Mill
World Heritage

Tomioka silk mill, or Tomioka Silk Factory, built in 1872, was the first of its kind in Japan. The publicly owned brick building was designed by Paul Brunat, a French engineer. On a side note, the Tomioka Silk Factory is briefed by most Japanese students studying Japanese history, so it is well known.

Nukisaki Shrine is a moderately well-known shrine in Japan because of its design. Whereas a shrine's main building area is usually approached over flat ground or by an ascent, Nukisaki Shrine is entered via a descending flight of stone steps. During the New Year's holiday, an estimated 100,000 people visit Nukisaki Shrine to pray for happiness in the year ahead. This is the largest gathering of its kind in Gunma.

Gunma Safari Park was the 5th safari park built in Japan and the 1st built in eastern Japan. The park's approximate 1000 animals consist of around 100 species.

Tomioka Museum of Natural History houses 35 exhibits on Gunma's natural history, including about 30 dinosaur skeletons.

Japan's first modern silk reeling factory at Tomioka, designed by the French engineer Paul Brunat in 1872, essentially Japan's first modern factory of the Meiji-era .