Welcome to Toyama, the centre of Japan with splendid nature!

Toyama prefecture is located at the centre of Japan and serves as a gateway of the Sea of Japan. Surrounded three sides by steep mountains and faced to the deep sea, Toyama is blessed with rich nature where people can enjoy sublime scenery and tasty foods at the same time.

Toyama Bay is a bay located on the northern shores of Honshu, Japan. The bay borders Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures. The bay is known for the mirages on the horizon during the winter months. It is also one of Japan's three largest bays.

Toyama Bay is a large, very deep (more than 1,000 meter), and complicated geographical features bay on the east side of the Noto Peninsula, which projects into the Sea of Japan in west-central Japan. Known for its wide variety of fish, Toyama Bay has been dubbed "a natural fish tank," because throughout the year many kinds of kitokito-no fish (meaning "very fresh" in Toyama's local dialect) are caught and then unloaded from ships at bustling fishing ports along the coast of the bay, such as Uozu, Shinminato, and Himi.