Urushi - Japanese Lacquer

<b>Urushi - Japanese Lacquer (43)
Urushi is the most beautiful and most expensive paint in the world.

Urushi art is not unique to Japan, but Japan produces the best quality. From old times, urushi has been widely used for tableware, decoration, and others. It is highly admired by Europeans and Americans alike. It is durable and resists dampness and heat, is beautiful in appearance, and is of artistic value. It is made from the Urushi tree, the liquid from which is used in a process that makes the black color come out naturally. There are other colors made from color pigment and Urushi liquid. The Urushi liquid needs humidity and a high temperature to dry. Additionally, it needs a long time to become its true color, except black. It has been said that this drying process takes 50 years to complete.