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Uwajima-jo castle is also worth a visit.

Uwajima is home to an unusual fertility shrine called Taga Shrine, which features a large, realistic phallus carved from a log approximately 9 feet in length, 1 foot in diameter. Next to the shrine is a graphic sex museum, filled with artifacts and paintings from around the world.

Every July a festival is held in Uwajima known as "Ushioni Festival," "Gaiya Festival," or the "Warei Shrine Festival." Among the festivities are ushioni teams parading down the street, a dance contest to the town song known as the "Gaiya" dance, traditional dancing, and a bullfight. The word "Gaiya" is in a local dialect, approximately translating to "awesome" in English.

The city is known for bullfighting, which differs from the more widely-known Spanish bullfights in that there is no matador. Two bulls fight in a ring until one bull's knees touch the ground or flees, marking it the loser. Bullfights are generally held in January, April, July, and August.

A famous products (meibutsu) of Uwajima is jakoten (made from fish named Haranbo), a type of fried kamaboko. And now high quality pearls too.

Pearl Macarons
Macarons with pearl powder. 5 flavors in summer: Blood orange, Seaweeds salt, Fruits tomato, Miso, Edamame