Oiran and Eisen

Oiran and Eisen
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Oiran and Eisen
Japonaiserie : figure, 1887, copy from the cover (渓斎英泉, 雲龍打掛の花魁, Oiran wear unryu-uchikake)

* This cover photo was reversed from original

Eisen - Bujin Tokaido (Beauty Tokaido)
Eisen (1790-1848), after he lost his job as a Samurai, he owned a house of prostitution. Then, he became an Ukiyo-e artist. He is a co-painter of The 69 Stations of Kiso Kaido series with Hiroshige.

Bijin Tokaido series was cut off after series No. 40, because then government prohibited this series its indecent pictures (in order to warning to others).

Bijin Tokaido series: 40 sheets (includes number 34, Futagawa, has been discovered recently)

Fist time fukkoku complete set of Bijin Tokaido, set of 40, $14,000