How to Make Yakitori

How to Make Yakitori
Yakitori, grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken. The term "yakitori" can also refer to skewered food in general. Kushiyaki (skewer grilled), is a formal term that encompasses both poultry and non-poultry items, skewered and grilled. Both yakitori and kushiyaki mean the same, so the terms are used interchangeably in Japanese society.

The average yakitori is made from several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat, or chicken offal, skewered on a bamboo skewer and grilled, usually over Binch¨­tan charcoal.

Diners ordering yakitori usually have a choice of having it cooked with salt (shio) or with tare sauce, which is generally made up of mirin, sake, soy sauce and (rock) sugar. The sauce is applied to the skewered meat and is grilled until delicately cooked.

* hatsu or kokoro, chicken heart * liver * sunagimo or zuri, chicken gizzard * tsukune, chicken meatballs * kawa, chicken skin, grilled until crispy * tebasaki, chicken wing * bonjiri, chicken tail * shiro, chicken small intestines * nankotsu, chicken cartilage * mi, all white meat (thigh, breast) on skewer * bonjiri, hip

Common non-poultry dishes

* ikada(lit. raft), Japanese scallion, with two skewers to prevent rotation * gyutan, beef tongue, sliced thinly * atsuage to­fu, deep-fried tofu * enoki maki, enoki mushrooms wrapped in slices of pork * green pepper * asparagus wrapped in bacon * butabara, pork belly * garlic

Yakitori sauce

A lots of chicken bone (baked, 40 minutes), 3-1/2 cups dark soy, 3-1./2 cups mirin, 1-2/3 cups sake, 260 g rock sugar, 1/2 tamari soy, combine inlarge pot, simmer over low heat for more 1 hour