City of Yanai (3)

City of Yanai (3)
Yanai (柳井) is a city in Yamaguchi Prefecture approximately 70km southwest of Hiroshima. Yanai offers a variety of sites and activities to do that makes this a good daytrip for those visiting Miyajima/Hiroshima.

Yanai's most famous attribute is the charming and picturesque Shirakabe No Machi located approximately 1km north of the Yanai JR station. Most of the homes and buildings in the district date back to the Edo-era (1600-1867). There are many shops specializing in local handicrafts as well as a locally famous Soy Sauce factory.

Kingyo Choochin Matsuri, August 13th annually. The festival is in honor of Yanai's most famous and noteworthy product: the goldfish latern. Various teams compete to parade and spin large versions of the laterns to the beat of a Taiko (Japanese Drum) and chorus. A large firework display concludes the festival.

Yanai's most famous miyage (souvenir) is the the Kingyo Chouchin (paper goldfish latern). It can be found at various shops in and around Yanai.

Kanro Shoyu (soy sauce), a high quality soy sauce brewed at the locally famous Sagawa Soy Sauce Brewery. Its method of brewing adds a sweet flavor that makes it prized for use with sushi and sashimi throughout the Chugoku and Kansai region.

Yanai-jima fabric goods, notable for its vivid colored striped pattern and smooth texture.