Yamagata Selection

Yamagata Selection
Yamagata is very proud of our craft-making tradition. The abundant nature, history and culture of the prefecture have given birth to masterful and refined methods for the production of handmade crafts. Many varieties of traditional crafts, such as woodcraft, cast-metal, carpets and fabric, have been carefully produced making full use of these techniques.

In 2005, a new project called “Yamagata Koubou” was started. The concept is to bring together our traditional craftsmanship, the beauty of Japanese art and the blending of old and modern worlds. We will share these ideas with an international audience.

We also have cutting-edge technology based in our manufacturing sector.

The Organic Electronics Valley Project is designed to create a local industry in organic electroluminescence. The Research Institute for Organic Electronics in Yonezawa City, the southern part of Yamagata prefecture, was the place to have produced the world’s first white luminescent panel, and has earned recognition not only domestically, but also internationally, as the base of COE (Center of Excellence).

Yamagata possesses a high level of technology in the field of machinery processing, but going beyond that, we presently focus on the nano-level of micron-level processing precision. We call it the Ultrahigh Precision Processing Technology Project. We are developing the main mirror for the world’s largest telescope, the new Subaru Telescope, which will be located at the National Observatory in Hawaii.

We are promoting these projects in collaboration with industry and universities.

At the same time, Yamagata is well-known as an agricultural prefecture, with well-known products including rice, beef, cherries, grapes, apples, pears and so on.

Yamagata Selection is our new attempt to meet the challenge of spreading the heart and techniques of Yamagata to the country, world and future. The project is to select our highest quality resources to be sent around the world as Yamagata’s treasures.

Below are some of Yamagata Selection