Yosegi and Kumiki

<font color="006400">Yosegi and Kumiki
Yosegi (mosaic woodworks) is a handmade wooden craft with various color of wood pieces. The artisans selects woods proper to the pattern both in color and grain among many wood pieces. They creates them into a basic part of this craft with detailed geometrical pattern. It is thinned down by using special plane (Kanna). It becomes a decoration on a wooden box and accessory. The basic plate also becomes a craft work.

Kumiki works is a toy created by assembling wood without clasps. This is to say, cubic puzzle. Writing shows us about the existence of the similar toy box which is called Chie-gi and Chie-ita in about the middle of Edo-era, and this is thought as the origin of Kumiki craft. We can also know that Japenese people had not used any nails to construct their shrines since old times. And this idea is considered as one of the hints to create Kumiki. This unique craft technique is typical in Odawara area, and it's created by Yamanaka Jotaro, master of the "Sashimono" technique (craft without clasps) in Meiji-era. His successors are developing the Kumiki Zaiku with an excellent technique and design. That brought us a work highly estimated in today's craft engineering field.