Revenge of the Soga Brothers

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Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

The researcher John Stevenson wrote: “Yoshitoshi's courage, vision and force of character gave [the] Ukiyo-e [style] another generation of life, and illuminated it with one last burst of glory.”

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• In the year 1177, two small boys, Juro Sukenari and Goro Tokimune, were orphaned when their father was killed by his rival, Kudo Suketsune.The boys grew up obsessed with the idea of avenging their father, dictated by the custom of the time. Their goal was complicated by the fact that some act of revenge was expected of them and surprise was therefore difficult. Also, Suketsune was a favorite of the shogun,Yoritomo. Goro Tokimune was placed in a monastery at Hakone, near Mount Fuji, to be trained as a priest. He ran away, found his brother, and together the two of them went into hiding. In the summer of 1193, Yoritomo invited all his great lords to a hunting party near Hakone to celebrate the consolidation of his power over the country. The Soga brothers seized their opportunity. On a dark rainy night, they crept into Yoritomo's camp, located on the slopes of Mount Fuji, and found the sleeping Suketsune. Goro, the more decisive of the brothers, was about to kill him, but Juro thought it was cowardly to kill a sleeping man and woke him up. Juro was killed by Suketsune's guards after a fierce struggle, but Goro fought on. He was eventually captured and taken before Yoritomo, who had him decapitated with a blunt sword. He was nineteen years old.