Fox and Moon

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Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

The researcher John Stevenson wrote: “Yoshitoshi's courage, vision and force of character gave [the] Ukiyo-e [style] another generation of life, and illuminated it with one last burst of glory.”

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• A hundred years ago, when the area was still rural, it was known to be haunted by magic foxes.They would meet in convocations like witches, especially around New Year's. The Musashi plain was famous for its moonlit views and was the setting for a number of romantic nocturnal stories. It was a favorite subject of screens painted in the detailed Yamato style, which emphasized outline and flat color. The design elements of grass, sky, and moon used here were standard for representations of the Musashi plain. Yoshitoshi's originality was to include a fox. The large moon would not have caused as much surprise as the moon over Inaba Mountain, since large elements were not unusual features of Yamato's screen painting technique.