Flute under the Moon

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Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

The researcher John Stevenson wrote: “Yoshitoshi's courage, vision and force of character gave [the] Ukiyo-e [style] another generation of life, and illuminated it with one last burst of glory.”

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Size: w. 67 cm (26.4”) x h. 34 cm (13.3”), 3 panels

• Fujiwara no Yasumasa (958-1036) was a famous musician at the Heian Court who also served as governor of a province near Kyoto. Yasumasa had a brother, Hakamadare Yasusake, also known as Kidomaru, who became an outlaw rather than accept a position under Raiko. Late one evening, under a full moon, Yasumasa strolled home over the moors, playing his flute. Kidomaru, a big man, needed some new robes and crept up behind Yasumasa intending to attack and strip him. Before he could strike, he became enchanted by the music of the flute. He quietly followed Yasumasa to his house, and it was only then that Yasumasa noticed him. He gave Hakamadare a robe and sent him on his way, with words meaning approximately, "Next time,ask."